Wildfare Nutritional Therapy is here to help you be the best you can be


Wildfare Nutritional Therapy in Milton Keynes, Long Ashton and Bristol. Clinic Consultations and Personalised programmes and protocols tailored to your unique individual needs


Nutrition for gut health, IBS, food allergies, anti-inflammatory diet coaching, guidance with removal diets, comprehensive digestive stool analysis testing, autoimmune support


Nutrition for natural fertility from a trained and experienced practitioner. Improve your mineral status to support your body prior to conception. Male and female fertility and support for mum and baby before, during and after pregnancy


Wildfare nutrition offers support with women’s health, endocrine health, hormone balancing, reproductive health and hormone testing. Peri and post menopausal support

 Nutritional Therapy Consultations 

Clinic Consultations

Join Eli at any one of the clinic locations for a detailed nutritional assessment. You will receive a personalised nutrition programme tailored to your individual needs.

Online consultation

This is for you if you prefer to talk to a Nutritionist via Facetime or Skype. Discuss your symptoms and receive a personalised programme.



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