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Eat wild and shine

Hello and welcome to Eat wild and shine; your foundation Wildfare Nutrition programme.

Please follow the sections carefully, giving yourself 1 week to complete each lesson module. At the beginning of the week take time on a Sunday or whichever day works best for you to read through the content of the next week. Give yourself time to shop for ingredients and plan the meals ahead. Then work through the tips and recipe ideas during the week.

The aim is to build in slow consistent changes so take all the time you need to absorb the information and build it into your routine.

The Wildfare way of eating is similar to an autoimmune paleo (plus plentiful plant foods!) – this is an anti-inflammatory and anti-allergenic programme and will involve cooking simple dishes from scratch using good quality ingredients, avoiding gluten completely.

Please avoid all pre-processed packaged foods even if they are gluten free and especially if they are sugary.


Course Content

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