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Comprehensive Stool Analysis with Parasitology x 3


A functional overview including gut bacteria, parasites, digestion, absorption, inflammation, short chain fatty acids


Gastro Intestinal Profile;

This test is the most reliable stool analysis test on the market in this price range and we will provide you with an additional personalised report including advice and supplement recommendations.

If you suffer from IBS, acid reflux, bloating, or any other digestive symptoms this test will be suitable for you.

Tests need to be booked in conjunction with a suitable consultation to help you understand what the test results mean for you and what you can do to support your gut health.

This stool analysis test provides information on the following markers of digestive or gastrointestinal health or imbalance;

Bacteriology: Expected or Beneficial flora, Clostridia, Commensal (Imbalanced) bacteria, Dysbiotic bacteria

Yeast Culture: Normal flora, Dysbiotic flora, Microscopic yeast

Parasitology, Giardia intestinalis, Cryptosporidium

Digestion / absorption

Inflammation markers

Immunology: Secretory IgA

Short chain fatty acids

Intestinal health markers: Red blood cells, pH, Occult blood


See detailed instruction sheet (copy available with test kit or on request). NOTE: Samples for this test are referred to Doctor’s Data in the USA.

Stool samples on consecutive days (see instruction sheet).

Sample report available on request

Postal samples are acceptable