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Hair mineral analysis (individual)


Wildfare analyse specific mineral levels and toxic metal load using hair mineral analysis. This is a remote service available in the UK and overseas by arrangement and is the continuation of the Foresight Pre-conception service.


Hair mineral analysis test and programme

A Hair Mineral Analysis (HMA) test provides a reading of the minerals deposited in the cells and interstitial spaces of the hair over a 2-3 month period.

The laboratory test results provided by Biolab give invaluable information which enables Eli, our qualified nutritional therapist, to provide personalised nutritional supplementation programmes to support essential mineral levels. Both low levels of certain minerals and high levels of toxic metals may be impacting your health and fertility status.

Following a test, you will receive an emailed programme with a full report of the results and our recommendations based on these and your completed Wildfare questionnaire.

If testing for preconception purposes, we recommend a minimum of three months on your recommended supplement programme and to implement any suggested lifestyle and/or dietary changes, prior to attempting conception.

Involvement of both partners in preconception preparation is optimal.  As such, we heartily encourage partners to have their hair tested at the same time and therefore offer a discount if sending two samples. If this option is available to you please see our couple HMA service.

We recommend a retest of your hair after three months following the programme. Retesting is an invaluable way for our nutritionist to see the impact of any changes that may have occurred.  This will enable a review and update of recommendations, if necessary, to provide the most up to date and appropriate advice based on latest results.

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