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Phone Consultation (B) Follow Up


This offer enables you to complete the Wildfare health questionnaire and consultation any time anywhere. Includes individual diet recommendations and supplement advice from a qualified and registered Nutritionist


Appointment Booking for a Phone Consultation Follow Up Appointment

This option is for you if you have already seen our nutritional therapist and would like to book a follow up consultation to be conducted over the phone.

What to expect

  • Review of your main aims for consultation
  • Previous medical history & medications
  • Detailed discussion of all body systems & symptoms
  • Record of physical measurements and observations
  • Lifestyle factors
  • Assessment of current food intake
  • Assessment of nutritional needs
  • Personal Nutrition Plan
  • Supplement Recommendations

On booking, you will receive your health questionnaire and diet record sheet. These can be completed at your convenience and then emailed through to our qualified Nutritionist. You will receive a personal nutrition plan with food and lifestyle recommendations tailored to your unique requirements. Supplement recommendations will be provided, including the particular brand which will provide the best quality support for your particular health aims.

This option is for you if you have difficulty travelling or if you have a super busy schedule. It may also be the case that your health concerns are of an intimate nature and perhaps you may not be ready to meet with a Nutritionist in person. This is also our most cost effective but still personalised treatment plan. If you have any questions please contact us.