Understanding your gut test results


Have you had a stool test and want to know more about what it means?

Are you thinking about testing and need guidance?

Want to know more about digestive health and how you can best support it?


Understanding your gut test results

November dates with the chance to order your own gut health package in time for the workshops.

Join our nutritionist Eli Sarre for two Saturday workshops where we will be exploring everything gut related.

Early bird price is £75 until the end of September.

6th November 11am -12pm with Q/A 12-12.30pm
20th November 11am-12pm with Q/A 12-12.30pm

You will receive

  • Access to professional testing (via our personalised nutritional therapy services or gut health packages)
  • Deeper insight into your previous test results and what to look for in a gut test
  • Tips on gut healthy ways of eating

A chance to really delve into the world of testing and get a deeper understanding of your gut test results.

Do you have specific needs or a diagnosed medical condition?

The information provided in these workshops will be general and has not been tailored to participants’ individual underlying health concerns or any prescription medication they may be taking.

You may book a personalised nutritional therapy consultation to consider further your individual needs in support of these workshops.


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