Eat wild & shine – foundations of nutrition


Our signature on demand eight step guide to the foundations of nutrition.

Want to know the golden rules to get gut and hormone health savvy for the long term?

A reference guide for you to keep at your fingertips.



Eat wild and shine e course guide: For fertility and further

Eat wild and shine is the Wildfare foundations of nutrition programme designed to gently support gut health, hormone balancing and immune tolerance.

Eat wild and shine is suitable for you if you are experiencing any of the following;

  • Preparing for a pregnancy, aiming to conceive and in the process of pre-conception planning
  • If you have any fertility or infertility concerns, if you have had any trouble conceiving or with a pregnancy
  • You have a complex condition and are looking for answers
  • Gut health or digestive symptoms or related skin conditions
  • Immune or autoimmune conditions such as inflammation, allergy. atopy
  • Endocrine or hormone conditions
  • If you’re stressed out, burned out, gaining weight and need support


  • Community support via the Eat wild and shine private Facebook group where you can share your journey, find bonus tools, ask your questions and receive support from Eli and others on the same journey.
  • Full access to the members only area of the Wildfare website with detailed information written by Wildfare nutritionist Eli Sarre.
  • A power call with our nutritional therapist to get your questions answered.
Eat wild online course materials

Eat wild and shine incorporates over a decades worth of research. We follow the experts and bring the highlight content to you in one digestible course which has been tried and tested in the Widfare clinic since 2013. Have all the information you need at your fingertips as well as a structured platform to guide you.

An easy to digest and practical guide to nutrition without the fuss. Foodie friendly, lots of plant foods and written and hosted by our nutritionist.

A transformation mastercourse covering lifestyle, carbohydrates, protein, healthy fats, gluten, vegetables, and more. Includes numerous tips and ideas for you to try each week.

For everyone who wants to support their health and the health of their family, either for specific health conditions or for those focused on improving fitness and performance.



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