Wildfare Nutrition was founded in 2013 by Nutritional Therapist Eleanor (Eli) Sarre, a registered member of The British Association for Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine (BANT), and the CNHC

Hello and a very warm welcome to Wildfare Nutrition

We are dedicated to helping you find the very best state of health and quality of living for you and your loved ones

Wildfare Nutritional Therapy offers exclusively online services to hundreds of clients across the United Kingdom

Clinic Consultations, personalised programmes and protocols tailored to your unique individual needs


Private online 1:1 clinic appointments

Experienced and perceptive Nutritional Therapist

One to one coaching according to your requirements

Unique and individualised programmes to assist you on your nutrition journey towards optimum health and fertility.

Testing and supplement advice


Personal advice on the best testing for you

Learn what your test results mean and how to address any deficiencies or imbalances

Structured nutritional advice for your unique health condition

Stool and swab microbiome testing, blood testing, urine and hair testing

All offered via Microsoft Teams and postal test kits

“I was looking for a nutritionist who understood not only my symptoms but the complex relationship I had with food.

Eli was knowledgeable, perceptive and supportive and had a genuine enthusiasm for tailoring a nutritional protocol into a delicious plan that matched my lifestyle.

Her advice on allergy testing and supplements was thoughtful and effective. I’m getting control over digestive symptoms that had affected me for years as well as big improvements in energy levels, skin condition and weight control.

Thank you Eli!”

Michelle 2016

“During my treatment for cancer recently, I found Eli Sarre most attentive and professional.

She maintained an on-going brief which was most encouraging when on a low ebb. She prescribed a range of supplements to strengthen my immune system and support me through my recovery from chemo-radiotherapy.

The oncologist was very pleased in his appraisal of my general health throughout the treatment. During this time she encouraged me to get a juicer, and offered guidance on which mixes of green veg and ginger to use, which certainly helped the nausea. This was a new area of nutrition for me, and we juiced nearly every day”.

Pat 2017

“I was very much Interested in trying an holistic approach in trying to treat my ongoing IBS issue.

I’m new client of Eli and found her wealth of knowledge regarding every aspect of nutrition very informative and impressive. I’m slowly implementing the changes on a day to day basis.

I found the relationship between the brain and the stomach very interesting, and particularly how stress plays a big part in the symptoms of IBS.

I’ve noticed that my stomach seems a lot calmer since I’ve cut out Dairy and Gluten from my diet.

Joe 2017

“I first contacted Eli with the hope and aim of improving my health and overall wellbeing.

Following the initial consultation at Yanley Court, Eli has supported me through follow up appointments, emails and phone consultations.

Eli provides solutions that are overall “ideal world” but also provides suggestions / considerations that support the general, realistic western society. This enabled me to gradually make changes and slowly consider my options but also felt no pressure to make drastic lifestyle changes. 

My health has dramatically improved, my knowledge and awareness of what triggers various health issues has improved. I felt the process to be at a pace dictated by me and my lifestyle, which made it much easier. I continually feel supported and know this is something I will maintain but also strive to improve further

I would definitely recommend Wildfare and have done on numerous occasions.

Keep doing what you’re doing Eli, It works!”

Jess 2018


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