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Hello and welcome to Eat wild and shine; your handbook to the Wildfare way of eating.

Eat wild is about nourishing and learning to take care of yourself and your loved ones from the inside out. The aim is to build in slow consistent changes so take all the time you need to absorb the information and build it into your routine.

6 Golden rules for fertility and further

Set some time on a Sunday, or whichever day works best for you, and read through the content of the next chapter.

Give yourself time to shop for ingredients and plan the meals ahead. Then work through the tips and recipe ideas during the week. Check out the Recipe planner for more inspiration.

Why Wildfare? For pregnancy, for women’s health, for optimal performance

The Wildfare way of eating is designed to gently support fertility and gut health. We place an emphasis on plentiful plant foods and good amounts of protein. This is an anti-inflammatory programme and will involve cooking simple dishes from scratch using good quality ingredients. Our aim is to teach some of the nuances around food choices, so you will discover a new confidence about what you are eating and why.

Eat wild

What does it mean to eat wild? This guide draws inspiration from autoimmune paleo principles. We live in a world with access to food from all over the globe so it’s something of a paleo paradise. Real whole food is available but sometimes its difficult to know what to choose.

The Wildfare way of eating is all about a return to the food we might find growing in our natural environment. Adapted for the modern world of course.

Time to free ourselves from the ultra-processed high sugar diets we are exposed to every day

Just as important¬† is to avoid all manufactured, ultra processed packaged foods even if they are gluten free and especially if they are sugary. Invest some time in checking labels and you won’t regret it.

Do you have specific needs or a diagnosed medical condition?

The information provided in the Eat wild online guide is general and has not been tailored to participants’ individual underlying health concerns or any prescription medication they may be taking.

You may book a personalised nutritional therapy consultation to consider further your individual needs in support of the online programme.