After four decades of promoting preconceptual care and helping people to increase their chances of having a baby, Foresight closed its doors in September 2017.

As is the case for many charitable organisations, despite best efforts in the last 5 years, it became increasingly difficult to create a financially sustainable model to provide security and stability for the charity and its service users for the long term. The Board of Trustees therefore came to the difficult decision to close the Charity for good.

Wildfare nutrition for fertility

The wonderful news is that the knowledge and method that Foresight developed hasn’t been lost and Wildfare registered nutritional therapist Eli Sarre is able to continue the work for anyone interested in supporting natural fertility or general health.

From 2014 until 2017, I was a member of the Foresight team and worked at the head office in Clevedon and then later on in Bristol’s St Werburghs. It was a lovely few years and a steep learning curve in the application of hair mineral analysis testing for natural fertility, pre-conception care, peri-natal care and beyond. It was wonderful to have the news of Foresight babies being born – sometimes against all odds, and also a privilege to be there to support hundreds of clients along the journey. While at the charity I was responsible for launching new forms of testing, including one of my favourite tests, the comprehensive stool analysis with parasitology.

Foresight for the Future

If you are a previous client of Foresight, you are very welcome to contact me to continue the support you have received over the years. As a head office practitioner it’s possible that I’ve analysed your results previously or that we’ve spoken when you’ve called in. You may wish to continue with your hair mineral analysis programme or perhaps explore nutritional therapy or other forms of testing – either for preconception or for health reasons. If you are new to the Foresight programme you are very welcome to contact me to explore whether its the right service for you.

The process and the testing are still very similar to the process you will have experienced with Foresight. I have made updates to some of the supplements and techniques used for removing metals in particular as advances in this area offer safe and researched methods.

Although I am sad to say that Foresight supplements are no longer be available, as a qualified Nutritional Therapist, I am able to recommend a personalised, high quality supplement programme for you using my tried and trusted practitioner grade brands. All recommended supplements will be available for you to purchase online with a 10% discount.

Foresight – Pioneers in Pre-conceptual Care

Over four decades, Nim Barnes and Foresight supported thousands of individuals and couples through conception, pregnancy, birth and post-natal health concerns including unexplained fertility, miscarriage, secondary infertility, low birth weight, depression and child health. Clients included couples undergoing assisted reproductive therapy, adults with skin conditions, migraine headaches and IBS, and children experiencing health and behaviour difficulties.

The Foresight programme offered each client the support of a personal combination of nutritional testing, nutritional therapy and nutritional supplements. The Hair Mineral Analysis profile was the most popular test and allows an experienced nutritional therapist to identify trace mineral deficiencies and/or heavy metal toxicity and make dietary, nutritional and lifestyle change recommendations to rebalance nutrient levels.

For further information on working with Eli Sarre or booking a consultation please contact us

Eli Sarre founded Wildfare Nutrition in 2013 and is a registered member of The British Association for Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy, BANT, and the CNHC.