Eat wild recipe planner

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Nutrient dense recipes to accompany the Eat wild and shine programme


The Eat wild recipe planner is a collection of recipes curated by qualified and registered nutritional therapist Eleanor (Eli) Sarre over a decade or more;

This is a collection of the recipes I cook at home and have developed specifically for clinic patients who come to see me for 1:1 nutritional advice and support. It’s a collection which is still growing and includes fuss free simple recipes that rely on good quality ingredients and very little preparation time or fancy equipment.

When I first began exploring a way of eating which would relieve my gut symptoms and would be suitable for autoimmune support I was absolutely lost and didn’t know what in the world I could eat. This recipe guide is easy to follow and brimming full of ideas and adaptations so that you will never be in the position I found myself in.

The Wildfare Nutrition Eat wild recipe planner is suitable for those following the Eat wild and shine online foundation Wildfare Nutrition programme and the recipes have been developed specifically for those wishing to improve their nutrient status, either for general health, pre-pregnancy or for peri-natal and child health support.

Wildfare Nutrition works closely with many individuals in clinic with a special focus on supporting gut health, hormone health and immune/ auto-immune conditions. These recipes are written for general information only and if you have specific needs or would like personalised 1:1 advice from Eli please contact us for more information.

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